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VATAS: Episplode 3

VATAS can be segmented into a few separate era groupings, and Episplode 3 marks the end of the first era: The Early episodes.  These are shown through a general shakiness as to how to go about the filming/editing.creation of a VATAS episode, and a rather scattershot approach to content.  Episplode 3 has these problems (what a sandwich has to do with a dorm tour, who would be interested in a dorm tour, how this has to do with filmmaking, the reason for VATAS [?], are all questions left unanswered), but it makes them its own and really revels in the fact that when filming an episode I had no idea what I was doing.  Here it is, the best of the early episodes (and still one of my favorites all together), Episplode 3:

VATAS: Episplode 3 on the Henceforth YouTube

The titles for this installment are less titles, than paragraphs explaining massive leaps in time and logic, and as such they take on a very apologetic feel.  In every VATAS episode, The Vvinni who edits the adventure is very different from the Vvinni who films them, and the Vvinni who acts in them, and number 3 really shows how vastly different all of these characters are.  Number 3 also takes a big step in the right direction in terms of figuring out the audience for VATAS: This isn’t an audience that is interested in a dorm tour, or a look into the often messy and confusing state of a freshman year room (Chain link and a shovel?).  Instead, VATAS prepares to treat these otherwise boring elements with an air of whimsy, going into bizarre time shifts and inter-cutting with live footage of me eating a sandwich (which somehow manages to be the most interesting and fascinating part of the episode. Perhaps aided by the fact that we’re told this is “Absolutely Live”).  The Vvinni who filmed Episplode 3 was still stuck in the way of thinking from the previous two episodes (This will be a way for students who are interested in CSF to find out about campus, and to find out about me as a filmmaker, and for me to keep all of my friends and family up to date on my life), but the Vvinni who edited it was the Vvinni from future episodes (People won’t watch these films unless they’re visually distinct and interesting, and having large unedited segments of a film without explanation or a dorm tour just won’t work).  The result is something wholly surreal and wonderful.  I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you breathed a sigh of relief when the Pickles were announced to be okay.

Life on Mars

Here it is.  About a year and a half in the making: Life on Mars.

Life on Mars from Vvinni Gagnepain on Vimeo.

I decided to try my hand at animation again, as now that I’m out of school I no longer have access to a room full of equipment and another room full of crew members.  So, around October of 2010 I wrote this script (also thinking to myself that I won’t be able to make many Sci-Fi films for a while) and I figured I could get it up by Thanksgiving.  I was wrong. Very, very wrong.  Granted, I’ve been taking long periods off of working on this project, but between character design, audio recording, and actually animating this project took much, much longer than I would have wanted it to.

This being said, though, I think the final product is about the same amount of quality that I expected from the project. I had a bit of trouble figuring out the exact dimensionality of the space the rovers are in, so I’m not sure how well the turn-around shot of the sun figures into everything (but it’s far too beautiful to leave out), and during audio recording there was a bit of a mix-up in the day we were recording (also, half of the voice actors weren’t in the same state as I was).  There’s also a very noticeable editing blip, which I tried to get around but mostly this was the best choice.  So is it perfect? Oh my no. But it’s finished. And, although I’m not an animator, I feel I’ve crafted together a good enough animation that certainly helped me hone my After Effects skills.