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The Great and Powerful Henceblog has returned

After about a year, existing merely as a string of code in some forgotten corner of the internet, the Henceforth Productions homepage (and by extension the Great and Powerful Henceblog) has returned.  This occasion shall be marked by both good news and bad news:

The Bad News: Due to an error on my part, the archives from the old Henceblog have been removed from the site.  Even worse news: due to an even greater error on my part (I deleted every file from the old, corrupted Henceblog, including [probably] the archives) we may never be able to get the old contact back.  This will be heart wrenching for three of my former seven readers, but I’m confident that we’ll be able to move on.

The Good News: With the rise of the New Henceforth Productions homepage,  I am hoping to have a much more streamlined way of getting acquainted with and exploring my body of work.  This will include a separate “Films” page on the Henceblog that will guide viewers through the labyrinth of the Henceforth Productions by giving them recommendations of similar videos to the one you watched, and by having a list of great starting points into the world of Vvinni Gagnepain and Henceforth Productions.  Also good news, now you need only to type in henceforthproductions.com to get to the webpage, as opposed to trying to navigate through a poorly design iWeb mess.


So, welcome back to the seven readers of the Henceblog, and welcome to anyone new who may be reading.