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Plastix Ultimate Meets His Maker

After talking about the ad for Skin Removal Cream a week ago, I figured we might as well take a look at the longer, larger piece (and possible franchise opportunity): Plastix Ultimate Meets His Maker.  For this film I was mostly an actor, playing the titular role of Plastix Ultimate, a man who’s “Invincible and Unstoppable” and who has a fascination with Pepsi Throwback.  Fun fact, I tried to base my performance as Plastix off of real life acolyte of the Dark Lord of finance Rupert Murdoch. See if you can spot the subtlety in the performance:

Plastix Ultimate Meets His Maker (2010) from Andrew Gingerich on Vimeo.

Now as with most things I act in, I have a problem with my performance (it seems like I’m far too aware that I’m telling jokes), however  I still enjoy this film, although it is much shorter than what we shot (which had a greater fascination with Pepsi Throwback, an extended “HIT ME WITH YOUR CAR” sequence, and Plastix Kicking an old lady out of her house to live in it himself  (again, you can see the similarities between Plastix and Rupert Murdoch)).  I’d also be more than happy to explore the world of Plastix again (He has a father named Ironsteel Ultimate, and I think his grandfather was the Railroad), the only problem Andre and I ran into is where do you take a character who has gone to heaven and taken over as God (although that’s another piece that was left out of the finished product).  At any rate, thanks Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc. for making this all possible.

Pig Death Machine

Recently the Chicago Underground Film Festival was put on at the Logan theater, and among other things the newest film by Underground Low-Fi filmmaker Jon Moritsugu premiered titled “Pig Death Machine”.  This film, as well as his near 11 other underground films, won him the Lifetime achievement award (which is well deserved, and I suggest you all check out his work.  It’s bizarre, and the type of wonderfully insane and low-fi work that can only come out of an extreme love for the craft of filmmaking).  But why bring this up?  Because I was the art director for “Pig Death Machine”. And This is my Story.

Pig Death Machine on YouTube

It was the summer of 2010.  I was just about to begin my senior year of college and I was planning on taking a trip back to Colorado to see friends and the like before beginning. Then I got a call from the internship director at CSF/SFUAD who told me that Jon would be making his next film (which came after nearly a decade away from filmmaking) in Santa Fe and he was looking for an art director.  I decided to give it a chance and read the script, after all I wanted more work in the art department, and the idea that I would be the art director on a feature film instead of a mere intern was enticing.

Once I read the script, I knew I had to do it.  It’s a nutso piece about raw pork, and plants, and people going insane from eating raw pork and looking at plants, and if you know two cents about me you know this is right up my alley.

Vvinni on the Set of Pig Death Machine
Another plus was that I got to make fake cocaine. A LOT of fake cocaine.

The biggest part of being the art director on Pig Death Machine was figuring out how to make the raw pork that the protagonists eat to get higher IQ levels.  The problem was not only in making edible and gross-looking raw pork, but it also had to be completely vegetarian.  After a bit of thinking I came to a solution: Seitan. After some tests with my art department, we figured out that Seitan actually takes food dye rather well and when suspended in red juice looks an awful lot like chunks of gross, bloody meat. This was FANTASTIC news!

A still from the film "Pig Death Machine"
This is actually a cut of raw bloody fake meat, I thought I had some chunks but I can’t seem to find them anymore.
This girl does NOT like lettuce!
Another still: This one of a woman who begins to hear plants talk and this head of lettuce SCREAM!
Behind the scenes on the set of Pig Death Machine
Behind the scenes in a greenhouse showdown location.

Some of the other set decoration I had to do was create the living space for a woman who likes plants more than people, turn a dog washing clinic into a meat warehouse (I don’t have any stills from that, unfortunately, but let’s just say we used a lot of boxes), and create an Old Mexican drug haven in most exploitative way I could (if you ever get a chance to see the film, keep your eyes peeled for a cactus taped to the walls).  Finally, I also had the chance to create the brand identity of the meat supplier who looses this horrific raw hell unto the world. This was The Meat Center:

The fake logo for a fake meat place.
Cuts of pork and Helvetica. Industrial.

Also there were these labels to put onto boxes:

Lickin' Pete'sLes Rogatons LabelTMC LabelAnd, although it never made it into the film (and granted, it needed a bit more touching to work) there was the logo for a fake farm where the evil hell smartpork was harvested:

Hayman Farms

As I hope I’ve made abundantly clear, this was a fantastic project to be a part of and please keep your eyes open for it in a theater near you (I heard that it may be getting a European Tour, so watch out Paris and Minsk!), and I’ll certainly let my seven readers know when Pig Death Machine is available online.