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It Took Me Long Enough

Here’s another piece of Mail Art I sent to my aunt Debbie in Japan.  I believe it was around spooky Halloween times, hence the spooky nature of the card: Skulls, cookies, ghosts.

Skull eats cookies

This was the first piece of MailArt I sent to Debbie, but I think it works.  It acts as a bit of a Frankensteinian creation of words and images, although it does function more as art and less as mail (I think it was a bit greasy because I cooked it, and the actual contents of the letter were rather difficult to read thanks to all of the sewing and re-patching).  I long ago gave up trying to cook my letters (although it was an interesting idea, now I need all the cooking supplies I have), and I haven’t gone back to the patchwork idea (again. it kind of makes the letter unreadable).  But as a first go, and an exploration of Halloween, I think it works. Here ‘s the envelope it was sent in, just for fun:

It's not as spooky.

The New Mexico Octet

Believe it or not, I do occasionally send other strange packages to people besides Andrew.  Most of the strange things I send are to my Aunt Debbie Davidson, who is herself a very accomplished mail artist and Ainu translator.  This is a series of cards I sent to Debbie last July, right around the time I was leaving New Mexico.  I decided make these cards more concrete than some of the others I’ve sent her, as well as base them all off of animals found around the Santa Fe area, and finally to top off each card with a general feeling I had at the time of leaving.  They’re posted below in order, more or less, so let me know what you think.

The World Belongs to the Octopus

THe Bee was a King, The Squirrel doesn't care, and the Raven eats fear

The Lobster is alone and the Skink has a plan

The Chickadee will survive

The Sunflower is trying