Hot Tamale! You’ve Found the Henceforth Productions Homepage!

But what is Henceforth Productions? Where exactly are you? How did you come to this place, and what is this horrifying steely taste in your mouth?

Well, you have arrived at the primary website of Vvinni Gagnepain and the group of films which he has written, directed, produced, and any combination thereof.  Here you can find the film directory, ranging from some of the earliest work made in High school like “Teh Cld Wr” to newer films like “Write-In 2012” (in which a taco gets elected president) and “Life on Mars” (about robots flying into the sun). You can also find The Great and Powerful Henceblog here, which is where you can get up-to-date information on the film projects of Gagnepain, some scattered reviews, and plenty of cat videos.

So welcome, feel free to browse around, and I hope you enjoy your digital stay. Don’t let the digital bed bugs digitally bite you. You’ll get a digital skin rash.

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